Bentley Sonstige 4,5 Litre Supercharged Tourer by Graham Moss,

Bentley Sonstige 4,5 Litre Supercharged Tourer by Graham Moss,

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49.053 km


• Fahrzeugstandort: Bovenden

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Farbe: grün
Ledersitz: grün
Verdeckfarbe: schwarz

UK Zulassung / UK registration

An exacting recreation built by noted ?W.O.? specialist, R.C. Moss
Beautifully and correctly finished throughout
The ultimate ?driver?s? W.O. Bentley

When a prominent gentleman collector acquired an authentic 4-Litre ?Blower? Bentley several years ago, it remained very original with the exception of a later, period-style fabric tourer body, of the type created in the 1920s by Vanden Plas, as were popularly fitted to these chassis in their early restorations. Fortunately, the car?s original body still survived, ?loose, ? and was soon reunited with its chassis.

What to do, then, with that high-quality later Vanden Plas-style tourer body? The consignor?s decision was to send it to the noted British Vintage Bentley expert Graham Moss, of R.C. Moss in Melchbourne, Bedford, and have Mr. Moss build around the body the ?ultimate? Blower Bentley, from scratch. Every effort was made to source as many original components as possible when they were not available, they were remanufactured, often to improved, more powerful or durable versions of the original designs.

The car was built around a new 130-in. wheelbase chassis, with some original components. Its engine was created from the best available parts, including a new 5.3-liter cylinder block with a new magnesium ?Birkin Blower? racing-style crankcase and winged sump, counterbalanced billet crankcase and connecting rods, modern shell bearings and forged pistons, and a new, correct supercharger. The engine is mated to an original 4-Litre ?D? type gearbox, with overdrive fitted for easy highway use, and a 3-Litre steering box converted to 4-Litre specifications. The front axle and steering arms are also original components, as are the back axle casing, the self-wrapping brakes, the instruments, the dynamo and starter motor, and the pedal shaft, while the brake drums and wheels were remanufactured to original specifications. Invoices for Moss? work on file deeply detail the level of workmanship invested into this ?dream project.?

The stunning result has remarkable performance and beautiful, archetypal lines for a ?W.O.? Bentley, with the ?cut? to clear the driver?s elbow during hard cornering, individual bucket seats, cycle-style front fenders, and a many-louvered engine cover, as well as a folding windshield, all with the superb fit and finish one would expect from an R.C. Moss restoration.

This is an exceptional ?beast, ? the ultimate Blower Bentley for the enthusiast who wants to use and enjoy his cars as the Bentley Boys intended.

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