FERRARI 456 GT Fully revised engine, extensive service h

FERRARI 456 GT Fully revised engine, extensive service h

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Technische Daten

110.674 km
5.474 ccm
442 PS(325 kW)


Informationen auf Deutsch:
Pietro Camardella drew the brilliant design of Ferrari 456 under the inspiring tutelage of Lorenzo Ramaciotti at Pininfarina. The car was first introduced in 1992.

This example was supplied on the 16th March 1994 by the Tamsen Ferrari in Suth, Germany (now Penske Hamburg). Since it arrived in the Netherlands in 2000 it has only had one caring owner. There is no other word to describe the kind of maintenance lavished on this Ferrari 456 but maniacal. The Ferrari 456 is an advanced piece of engineering being wonderfully built as well as being an out and out Ferrari Grand Tourer.

This Ferrari 456 is one of 1, 435 cars built at Pininfarina as recognisable by the Pininfarina badge on the rear quarter. Later cars were completely built by Ferrari themselves. Pininfarina had developed a special way to weld the aluminium panelwork to the steel chassis using a sandwich filler. This made the 456s bodywork a masterclass in material use. The steel chassis is topped with aluminium panels and a composite bonnet.

This particular car is visually as well mechanically is very good shape. This is not surprising considering the enormous amount of invoices present. In total some EUR 108, 154.77 has been spent on this car since 2000. The work carried out includes a full engine rebuild, a heap of regular maintenance, new suspension, all new hoses, complete new heater, re-bolstering of the seats, fuel tank treatment, a respray of the rims, new oil hoses, respray of the doors as well as the installation of a completely new air-conditioning unit. The Schedoni leather car wallet also forms part of the cars itinerary.

No effort or expense was too much in keeping this Ferrari 456 in prime condition. The car therefore drives supremely well. Rest rusts is a saying used about people but it also holds true for cars. Due to its regular use this Ferrari is not troubled by that particular problem. In a world that usually sees cars with 20, 000 km or less on the clock, 110, 000 may seem a lot. Divide that by its 27 years it actually works out at just over 4, 000 km a year. Why in heavens name would you not want use such a fine beast on regular base? This is a car to enjoy rather than worry about the mileage!

The bodywork is in great shape. The fine panelwork has clearly been well looked after. The alignment is also correct. The black external finish has been well maintained. The wheels look great and, as mentioned above, have benefitted form a respray.

Inside the car things are just fine with the red leather seats contrasting lovely with the black paintwork. The leather has also been correctly conserved and with the re-bolstered seats you will sit as pretty and comfortable as the dat this Ferrari 456 left the Tamsen forecourt.

Mechanically this car is exactly as one would expect from the cars provenance: perfect! The 65 degree 5.5 litre V12 develops 442 Ps with the Tubi Style exhaust producing that fantastic exhaust note. The robust engine is attached to a manual 6-speed gearbox. The gearbox is a delight to shift with the clutch working with precision. Thanks to the new suspension and steering housing the car has a fantastic and sure-footed roadholding.

In short; this Ferrari 456 is in impeccable condition with the added benefit that you do not need to worry about clocking up the extra mile or two. With such excellent state of maintenance you can easily double the mileage in the coming years. We wholeheartedly recommend this fabulous Ferrari 456 with its favoured manual six-speed and great provenance. Die Gallery Aaldering in den Niederlanden existiert seit 1975 und ist Marktführer in Europa im Bereich von klassischen Fahzreugen. Es sind immer 400 klassische Fahzreuge und Sportwagen auf Vorrat. Bitte besuchen Sie unsere Website für den aktuellen Vorrat und weitere Informationen. Alle gezeigte Fahrzeuge sind zu besichtingen in unseren Ausstellungsräumen. Wir haben unseren Sitz unweit der deutschen Grenze, 95 Km Entfernung von Düsseldorf und 90 Km Entfernung von Amsterdam, gut erreichbar mit dem Zug, Auto, Taxi und Flugzeug. Transport und Versand weltweit kann versorgt werden, innerhalb von Europa fallen keine Importsteuern oder Zollkosten an. Unsere Kerntätigkeiten sind Ankauf, Verkauf und Konsignationverkauf. (im Auftrag vom Kunde) Wir versorgen alle Zulassungsunterlagen (H-Kennzeichen, Fahrzeugbrief, Wertgutachten usw.) für unsere deutsche- und Beneluxkunden. Bei uns können Sie auch leasen oder finanzieren! Unser Leasingpartner bietet maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für private und gewerbliche Kunden. Gallery Aaldering, Arnhemsestraat 47, 6971 AP Brummen in den Niederlanden. T. 0031-575-564055 Qualität, Erfahrung und Transparenz sind unsere besondere Merkmale! Wir freuen und auf Ihren Besuch.

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