Mercedes-Benz Sonstige 540 K Cabriolet A by Sindelfingen W29

Mercedes-Benz Sonstige 540 K Cabriolet A by Sindelfingen W29

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Technische Daten

64.279 km
5.401 ccm
179 PS(132 kW)


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Chassis No. 189391
Engine No. 189391
Body No. 842205
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A gorgeous 540K with fascinating provenance, including past owners Sir Peter Ustinov and Road & Track founder John R. Bond. Pleasingly mellowed concours restoration, ideal for touring and road events.

? Supercharged 5.4-liter inline-eight
? Original engine and chassis stampings
? Delivered new in Paris to a British owner
? Striking Cabriolet A coachwork by Sindelfingen
? Well-preserved older concours restoration

The 1930s were a tumultuous time for many of the world?s premier automakers. Even as an economic depression swept over much of the global economy, Packard, Cadillac, Rolls-Royce, Duesenberg, and many others continued rolling out increasingly glamorous, sophisticated, and costly automobiles. Mercedes-Benz carried the pride of Germany with their magnificent eight-cylinder supercharged models, starting with the 380 of 1933. Nearly as soon as the 380 hit the market, engineers in Stuttgart set about developing a replacement, as they felt the 3.8-liter engine was not up to the performance standard they were after. They swiftly introduced the mighty 5-liter, 160-horsepower 500 K. The ultimate evolution of the series arrived in late 1936 with the 180-horsepower, 5.4-liter 540 K. The 500 K and 540 K are among the most coveted of all 30?s motor cars, offering an abundance of breathtaking performance, exquisite quality, and impeccable style.
Customer demand for Mercedes? flagship was sufficient to warrant 342 500 K chassis and another 419 540 Ks. While a handful of outside coachbuilders had a go at the Mercedes chassis, the vast majority of these cars were bodied at the Mercedes-owned Sindelfingen body works, a facility renowned for impeccable build quality and excellence in design. Sindelfingen?s catalogue offered a variety of body styles to suit a demanding and sophisticated clientele, and the experienced coachbuilder readily accommodated personal requests, ensuring exclusivity for their customers.

Chassis 189391 is a desirable third-series car, fitted from new with Sindelfingen?s elegant and desirable Cabriolet A coachwork, originally delivered without side-mounted spares. According to the Daimler-Benz Kommission sheet, the order for this car came via the British Mercedes-Benz distributor in London. The original owner, Mr. Manson, appears to have taken delivery in Paris, though the car was registered in the UK as FLC 217, and it mercifully remained in England for the duration of the war, undoubtedly ensuring its survival. In 1951, the great British actor, writer, filmmaker, and raconteur Sir Peter Ustinov acquired 189391. Ustinov was an enthusiastic and discerning petrolhead, having owned many significant sporting automobiles throughout his career, including a Mercedes S36/220, a Hispano Suiza, and numerous post-war Astons, Lagondas, and Maseratis. Sir Peter kept this 540 K for only a short period, selling it in 1953, likely via the dealer Simmons of Mayfair, which advertised the car around this time in Motor Sport magazine.

In July 1953, the 540 K came stateside via pioneering American collector Ralph Buckley of Absecon, New Jersey. Buckley was well known in the hobby as an expert on Mercer T-Head automobiles and was a friend of seminal motoring book author Ralph Stein. From Mr. Buckley, 189391 went to John R. Bond, beloved Road & Track magazine publisher and a prominent character in the American motoring press. John was a sharp-witted writer, and together with his business-savvy wife Elaine, the Bonds maintained a carefully selected collection of cars in their California home. In 1977, John Bond met Jim Wilson of Hermosa Beach, California, who, upon seeing the 540 K for the first time at Bond?s house, was instantly smitten. He soon arranged to buy it and later recalled it was a complete, highly original car showing no signs of a restoration aside from


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